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Welcome to ArtChops.com/CSymbol.com, the authentic store for Chinese names, Chinese characters (symbols) and Chinese stamps or Chinese chops. Our goal is to provide you the best Chinese characters possible. We have been in business since 2007. The site is operated under Shan Associates.
The Chinese names and Chinese characters were originally presented on About.com as part of Chinese culture by Dr. Jun Shan. Our relationship with About.com ended in August, 2006 and our content on About.com will be eventually moved over. Csymbol.com is now the site for Chinese names and Chinese characters and Qiqi.com is our new home for Chinese Culture.


Jun Shan, Ph.D. 

Jun grows up in China. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics. He has worked as the Chinese Culture Guide of About.com for 9 years (1997-2006). The Chinese Culture site on About.com has always been one of the top 20 sites in term of pageviews. The section about Chinese names and Chinese characters on the site is among the most popular. He has written many articles about Chinese culture and translated a great number of English names or words to Chinese. Jun has been lived in the United States since 1989. With his knowledge of the Western culture and his deep understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese language, we are very confident that Csymbol.com is the best source for Chinese names and characters.



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