Questions About Chinese Stamp (Chop)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the pre-inked Chinese stamp we offer. Please let us know if you have more questions. You may aslo read the Chinese Stamp Art.

1, Features of the Pre-inked Stamp

  • Professional 600 dpi resolution
  • Pre-inked (no separate ink pad) to give a sharp, dry, and crisp image every time
  • With proper re-inking it will last for 50,000 impressions
  • Durable rubber surface
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, fast drying
  • Micro-raised image, always gives you the same consistent image
  • Stamp housed in a case so no messy inks
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

2, Which Chinese script to choose?

It depends on the use of the stamp. The seal script is better for artworks. It is more artistic and abstract. It is an ancient script, mostly used for seal carving now, and no longer used in people's daily life. In fact, even most Chinese people can't read the seal script. Thus you probably need to tell him/her what is on the stamp if you show someone your stamp. On the other hand, the standard script can be read by everyone. It is one of the scripts used in people's daily life. Thus, for your artworks, get the seal script. For any other use, either the seal script or the standard script is fine. It depends on your taste. The stamp may not be used for signing documents in China.

3, Traditional or simplified form?

The seal script is an ancient script so there is no simplified form for it. The standard script we used for the stamp is in the traditional form since the traditional form looks better on stamps in general. If you need a stamp in the simplified form, let us know.

4, How to read the Chinese characters on a stamp?

Chinese stampThe Chinese writing on our stamps follows the traditional way, i.e., from the top to the bottom and the right to the left. The picture on the left shows the order of the writing, from 1 to 4. This traditional way of writing is mainly used in Chinese artworks now in China. Like English, the Chinese write from the left to the right now.

5, What is the imprint size of the stamp?

Chinese stampWe offer many different chops to meet your different needs, including personal stamp, artist chop, martial arts master stamp, certificate stamp, security chop, dragon chop, wedding stamp, and animal sign/address chop. The imprint size varies with the stamp. Please see the specification of each stamp. Click the image on the left to see a large image of the small personal chop. You can also let us know the imprint size you want for your stamp.

6, Do I need to buy the refill ink for the stamp?

In general, no need to buy the refill ink since the stamp should be able to mark thousands times without re-inking. We have been using a stamp everyday for a few years now, it is still going strong. If you ever need to re-ink the stamp, you can order it from us.

It is very easy to refill the stamp. Just pull off the top cap, then fill 2 to 3 drops of the ink into each hole (large stamps have two holes). Then put the cap back on the stamp. You may need to keep the stamp upright for five hours to let the re-inking process complete. No pad needed.

7, How the pre-inked stamp compared to stone chops?

The print quality of the pre-inked stamp is much better and more consistent. It always gives you a clear and nice print. And the pre-inked stamp is easier to use and no messy ink.

8, How to make a print?

Take off the stamp cover, then make the mark on a flat surface with moderate pressure. If you need the color a little deeper, just hold the chop on the paper a little longer (a few seconds). After uses, place the stamp cover back.

9, Do you provide free sample images?

Generally we don't provide sample images since we don't have the resource (it will be a lot of work for us). Alternately you may order the high resolution images only.